Great Big Walk Audio Update Day #60

Hey this is TA calling in from day 60, can you believe it? Day 60 of the great big walk. We are located at an elevation of 4180 m above sea level, in the village of Nah and today might actually be the musical update. As we walked towards nah, we were singing of course, nananana, nananana, heellooo, yeaahh. So were singing hello rather than goodbye to (inaudible). We’ve come down back to the land where we get to see green and some yellow and some red. We also have seen yaks, lots and lots of yaks even some sheep and we’re sharing a little pasture with what looks like a little piggy goat whose talking to us nowadays and as we roll out our front vestibule door, we can watch yak TV and there are out there grazing across the river and that river is Rowali khola.

Today as we came down, we walked the moraine beside the Ropatso, that is the big lake, the big glacial lake that I’ve been telling you about and at the bottom of that lake, the Rowali glacier also joins in and so the name of the river coming from that glacier is that Rowali khola and we will walk along it for quite a number of days over the next week or so. We did come down and get to see the very end of the Ropatso and there is a dam of sorts there. I think to allow for controlled release for the water. Try to prevent catastrophic release. There was also a micro-hydro project there and I took out pictures so I can show folks what they are doing there.

As I walked today, when it is a little bit chilly I could put up the hood of my base layer, I had a Darth Vader shadow. I didn’t have much about capturing a picture of it but that was our second sort of musical interlude for today. The imperial march from Star Wars. As I came down the hill I was sort of humming, da-da-da-dan-da-da-dan. Since we’ve been walking from the East to the West we have morning sun and the sun is almost always at our back so we have a shadow quite a lot and go da-da-da-dan-da-da-dan.

So we had a nice half day walk today which was great. A little bit of giving us a chance to catch up on some paths and some rest. Marian had 16 292 steps, 60 floors and 11.5 km or so. I had 17 334 steps, 58 floors and a little over 11.5 km and Cam was 16 297 and just shy of 11 km so I was the big step winner, Marian was the floor winner. So you’re probably right, that I think you’re explanation on why Cam has more steps is probably a good one.

So we’re having a great day. It is raining now, raining/snowing. So we’re sort of tucked in after a great lunch and we are going to be slowly making our way downhill over the (inaudible) and that was very enjoyable today having spent the previous many days working pretty hard. So that is the update here from the great big walk day 60. Hope you will get out there, go for a walk, go for a roll, go for a run. Whatever makes you happy and gets you physically active. Take care and we will catch you from tomorrow. Bye!

Total Steps for TA: 17 334 steps, 58 floors

Total Steps for Marian: 16 292 steps, 60 floors

Total Distance for TA: 11.5 km

Total Distance for Marian: 11.5 km


Great Big Walk acknowledges the support of the Memorial University of Newfoundland Quick Start Fund for Public Engagement in making these updates from the field possible.

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