Great Big Walk Day 60: To Kabug (4820m)

To Kabug (4820m)
The stages to Beding are pleasant,and we will trek through rhododendron, pine and juniper forest whilst travelling by the riverside.

Quote for the Day

An early-morning walk is a blessing for the whole day.  ~Henry David Thoreau

Did You Know?

According to UNESCO, Nepal contains four World Heritage Sites: Kathmandu Valley(cultural); Lumbini, birthplace of Buddha (cultural); Chitwan National Park (natural); and Sagarmatha National Park (natural).

Find Your Fit Fact

Hip fracture is a serious health condition that can have life-changing negative effects, especially if you’re an older adult. But research shows that people who do 120 to 300 minutes of at least moderate-intensity aerobic activity each week have a lower risk of hip fracture.

Activity Suggestion: Frostbite Tag

Objective: To get students moving and warmed up before the main activity, while replicating being frostbitten, something which could occur on Mount Everest due to the cold temperature.

Materials Needed: 3-5 pool noodles (icicle)  (depending on class size)

Activity Description:

–  Choose 3-5 taggers (could be more or less depending on class size)

–  Taggers each have a pool noodle (icicle), on the teacher’s command, the students run around the gymnasium until touched by an icicle.

–  If they are tagged, they must stay still, with their feet spread apart, they are considered “frostbitten”

–  The person tagged is “frostbitten” until another student in the class slides through their legs, unfreezing them.



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