Climbing Ama Dablam Day 12: Acclimatization Climb to Camp 1

Acclimatization day. The sun hits Advanced Base Cmap quite early and thankfully there is no rush to be up and about. So after a leisurely breakfast and having aired our sleeping bags we wander up to Camp 1. From ABC we follow the trail for 20 minutes before we enter the boulder field. There are various route choices through here but they all end at the slabs below Camp 1. The slabs are technically very easy but the consequences of a slip would cause some nasty grazes so we don harnesses and use the fixed rope. After a visit at Camp 1, we drop back down and have a 2nd night at Advanced Base Camp.

Did You Know?

You can see the Bengal Tiger and the one horned rhinoceros in Nepal.

Find Your Fit Fact

Walking also slows the aging process. Being sedentary means your muscles atrophy since they are not being used. Walking will help you to maintain muscle mass and health as well. You should be walking throughout your lifespan.

Find Your Fit Activity Suggestion: Icefall Walk

Objective: Have the student rely on each other to navigate and overcome obstacles

Materials Needed: Random obstructions (Hurdles, hula hoops, balls)

Activity Description:

– Scatter the equipment all over the floor from one end of the activity area to the other

– Have the students work in pairs

– One partner is wears a blindfold while the other works as a guide to instruct their partner through the icefall

– The instructing partner is not to touch their partner at any time.

– One partner is wears a blindfold while the other works as a guide to instruct their partner through the icefall.

– Once they cross the icefall (i.e., activity area), they switch places. If they touch an obstacle at any time, they are to switch places and they go back to the beginning.

– Make the activity harder or easier by adding or subtracting equipment.

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