Mission 5959: Sometimes the dreams that come true are the dreams you never even knew you had…

Mission 5959 Dreams Quote of the Day:

Sometimes the dreams that come true are the dreams you never even knew you had.
― Alice Sebold

Did you Know?

Near Mount Logan the temperatures are extremely low. In 1991, a record of -77.5oC was recorded near Mount Logan, which was the coldest temperature recorded outside Antarctica.

Find your Fit Activity of the Day: Mountain Climbers

Objective: This is a fun activity that will integrate math as well as demonstrate the thrill and excitement of successfully climbing a mountain.  This is great for larger classes but can also be done with small class sizes. In this activity students will get a understanding of how hard it is to “climb a mountain”, and also the joy that comes along with summitting a mountain.  This game can use a variety of locomotion skills, combined with math skills, which makes it a great activity to use in PE class.

Materials needed:

15 hoops
15 dice
6 cones
8 hurdles
Activity Description:

Setup for this activity will probably take a few minutes so it would be better to set up prior to class.  Start by placing the 15 hoops, of 5 different colors in a mountain/pyramid shape (i.e. 5 in the first row, then 4, then 3 and so on) in the middle of the gym.  In each hoop place 2 dice.  Place four cones on the four corners of the gym and two at the base of the mountain to signify the starting point.  Place the eight hurdles, four on each long side of the gym.

To start, have the students make two lines in front of each of the bottom 5 hoops.  The first two students from each line will move into the hoops to start.  One student will roll the two dices and add their product, and the other student will do the same.  Whichever student rolls the higher product gets to move to the second set of hoops as he or she climbs the mountain and waits to be joined by another student.  The student who rolls the lesser product, will have to do a full lap around the gym, hopping over the obstacles (hurdles).  Once they do a lap around the gym, they will join a line and wait to “climb the mountain” again.  The game continues this way until two players finally reach the peak of the mountain with only one winning and successfully completing the mountain.

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