Mission 5959/4100 Fun Serendipity

As I was wondering around Whitehorse, reflecting on my Logan experiences. I wondered into a used book store. I bought a book about canoeing the Yukon River and then turned my attention to the mountaineering section of the store.

Look what I found. My own book. What fun! I told the staff and they were delighted and had me sign the book. They moved it front and center and I had them snap a few photos.

This morning I met up with Tyler, one of the trip’s guides, for coffee and a debrief before my flight. I enjoyed processing the many experiences of the past two weeks and he walked me back to my hotel to catch my shuttle.

Just then, I remembered my book at the store and showed Tyler the pictures. He said he’d like to check it out and I had just enough time to walk to the store with Tyler and buy him my book (at the used price, it was the same as I could buy it from the publisher myself). So I sent Tyler to his plane with some new reading material.

I have no idea what path that book travelled from St. John’s to Whitehorse but it’s now headed to Pemberton, BC and I’m headed home with a new friends, new memories, new dreams, and lots of life lessons. More on those soon when I’m able to type with my ten fingers instead of one thumb (yes I am IPhone Luddite).

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2 Responses to Mission 5959/4100 Fun Serendipity

  1. Trudy Veitch says:

    What a fantastic story and a great outcome… there are no coincidences in life!

  2. Les Barbour says:

    Glad to see your ok TA and making new friends in Whitehorse (nice picture)!

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