Visual Soliloquy #1134 Dreams are necessary to life…

Dreams are necessary to life.

― Anaïs Nin

Did you Know?

There are many different ways to climb Mount Logan, including flying out of Silver City, flying onto Hubbard Glacier or flying onto Quintino Sella Glacier.

Find your Fit Activity of the Day: Expedition Team Line Up

As you are making your way across a glacier, you and your expedition team are tied into a climbing rope so everyone can travel safety. For this ice breaker, we are going to form our expedition line by doing a simple task.

Pass out a card to each student in which they cannot show anyone else around them what card they have. The students must arrange themselves in numerical order as well as suit order i.e. all hearts, then diamonds, spades and then clubs along the climbing rope/line on the gym.


  1. They have to use non verbal cues to organize themselves in order
  2. The cannot show their card to anyone

Note: To make it easier just give everyone a number or they first letter of their name. To make it harder get them to order themselves by birthdays.

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