Everest 3.0: Training for Everest

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Quote of the Day:

“People do not decide to become extraordinary. They decide to accomplish extraordinary things.” – Edmund Hillary

Did You Know?

Last year an earthquake moved Mount Everest by 3 centimeters.

Activity Suggestion:

Training for Everest

Objective: Students will learn about the importance of physical activity and being physically fit on the mountain.

Mountaineers need to have their bodies in excellent physical shape in order to be able to climb some of the world’s highest mountains. In fact, they train intensely, often two or more times a day, for several months leading up to their climb. This is because it is very hard to get as much oxygen as they need when they are high up in the mountains, so their body needs to be able to do as much as possible with the oxygen it does get.


  • One ball (volleyball is ideal)
  • Pinnies
  • Cones for marking playing area

Instructions: This game is played in a smaller area, usually half of a medium sized gymnasium (the larger the area, the more difficult it is to catch people). Two students start as taggers. The goal is to touch other students with the ball (emphasize that they must touch them with it, not throw it at them). When a student is touched, they take a pinnie and immediately join the taggers. The rule that makes this game so challenging is that taggers cannot run with the ball. Therefore, they must pass back and forth, trying to get into a position to be able to tag someone while the ball is not in their hands. It may take a while to catch the first few people, but as the number of taggers increases it becomes easier. If students step out of bounds they are considered caught. Non-tagging players are not allowed to interfere with the ball in any way. Place an emphasis on making quick passes and on moving immediately following a pass to look for a pass-back as helpful hints to students. Once there are several taggers, you may wish to introduce a second ball.


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3 Responses to Everest 3.0: Training for Everest

  1. rjhoran@gmail.com says:


    Are there two blogs that TA is posting? I’m interested in her trekking and climbing blog. I don’t have much interest in her school child blog. If I unsubscribe from this “Adventures that Move” will I still receive her climbing blog ??

    Thank you for your time and assurance.


    • TA Loeffler says:

      Hi. There is only one blog. On week days there will be three posts. One post from TA, one spot location post, and one curriculum post. So you can visit TA’s website and use the search function to on focus in on TA’s posts but if you subscribe you’ll see all three kinds of posts. One weekends, there will be no curriculum posts.

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