Everest 3.0: Several Kilometres in Dendi’s Shoes

This was the scene I was trying to describe during the last part of my audio update. How did I do?

We landed in Lukla about 8:00 am and stopped in for a cup of coffee while waiting for our bags to come. Because my bag missed the first plane and because I’d tried to stack the odds of us flying by keeping by boots in my trekking bag instead of wearing them, I was boot less! Dendi to the rescue. He wanted me to be able to trek with the group rather than wait for the bag so he loaned me his brand new hiking boots since we have the same size feet. I enjoyed walking along the trail thinking I was walking a mile (or more) in Dendi’s shoes.

The village of Ghat is known for its mani walls. Mani walls are made up stone tablets on which people have carved the mantra, “Om mani padme hum.”  They do the carving to earn merit. Some are both carved and painted. Like prayer wheels and prayer poles, you pass to the left off a mani wall (I.e. You could touch it with your right hand.

There were many prayer wheels, both large and small, to spin as we trekked as well. I made a point to spin every one I saw setting the intention for a safe climb as I did.

We had lunch at Phakding at the Star Lodge after about two hours of walking, I had fried potatoes with green veggies and an egg. All fuelled up, we trekked another almost two hours to Monjo. Just as we hit the outskirts of Monjo, the drizzling sky changed to downpour. We took temporary shelter under an eve and at the first let-up we charged to our tea house, The Summit House. Our timing was good in that the skies hosted quite a thunderstorm and downpour. We all enjoyed Late afternoon naps listening to the rain pound the tin roof and now we are looking forward to dinner. Tomorrow we’re up to Namche.

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2 Responses to Everest 3.0: Several Kilometres in Dendi’s Shoes

  1. Les says:

    TA..sounds like a great trek to Monjo. Enjoy the trek up to Namche tomorrow. I love your descriptions of meals. Makes me hungry! I use to look forward to the curried potatoes served with dalblat.

  2. Anonymous says:


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