Fire and Ice 2017: Trains, Trams, and Sunken Ships Oh My

As we returned to trees and rocks and pastures and forests this morning out the train window, Marian and I reflected on our Northern Sweden experience. We shared our highs, lows, and things we learned.

Life in Stockholm initially seemed too intense as we tried to find our way out of the train station and to our hotel. Trading the red crosses of the Kungsleden for Google Maps was an abrupt trade but we finally got our bearings. We stored our multitude of bags and then headed out to master the metro 24 hour pass in hand, we took the metro to the King’s Garden (seemed fitting given we’d just spent ten days with the King’s Route. There, we (and many many others) were enchanted by the cherry blossoms.

When we’ve chatted with Swedes, it’s been clear that prior to this trip, I knew the Swedish Chef from the Muppets, IKEA, and ABBA as contributions to the world.Now after this trip, I can add many more.

This list includes the Vasa…a Swedish war ship from the 1600’s that sank 20 minutes into its maiden voyage. Our guide in the Vasa Museum said she loved that this museum celebrated a great failure. I couldn’t agree more.

Check out the provision list…63 litres of ale per month! Not much fresh food-huge risk of scurvy. The Vasa spent over 300 years at the bottom of the ocean, now it is here in Stockholm for visitors to learn from and study.
With our fab public transit pass in hand, we walked, rode, and boarded trains, trams, and buses Learning our way around Stockholm’s many island studded waterfront. After being outside for much of the past 10 days, it’s ironic that we are now in a hotel room without s window. They gave us a mural though :-). It feels a bit like the midnight sun with an off switch and with that I’m off to rest and to Iceland tomorrow.

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  1. Carolyn ` Paul says:

    Thank you for blossoms, cat images, your day!

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