Fire and Ice 2107: More Ice than Fire

It was another full day exploring the sights between Vagnsstaðir and Vik. We spent much of the day marvelling at the ice in all of it’s forms. Glacier tongues, lagoons, and crevasses drew our attention over and over again. I know I will return to do a ski expedition here-crossing one or two of the ice caps. I’m being called deep into “Ice” land.

The interesting thing about fire and ice in Iceland is that the fire is not far below the surface. There are some volcanoes here that are covered in snow and ice. When they erupt, not only do they cause lava damage, they cause massive flooding because the eruption causes much snow and ice to melt in a big hurry.

Another full day and time to hit the hay once again. Our legs were a wee bit tired today after yesterday’s climb but not as much as we expected. Here’s a shot from yesterday climbing above the clouds.

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1 Response to Fire and Ice 2107: More Ice than Fire

  1. Carolyn ` Paul says:

    Good to know you continue to discover what is you…

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