Fire and Ice 2017: Time Flies

Today we travelled from Vik to Reykjavik. Vik means bay so when you see Vik in a name it likely is on a bay on the coast.

This is the famous hole in the wall near Vik. We reached this vantage point via adventurous driving instead of adventurous climbing.

This lighthouse has the same view.

This rock pillar is see from the another height of land just down from the lighthouse.

This is columnar basalt next to the black beach. All in all, the environs around Vik are quite stunning. Vik is the most southern town in Iceland. Can you find it on the map above? How about Iceland’s many ice caps~can you see them? Can you find a volcano? Or three? How about Iceland’s highest peak?

Our time here ends tomorrow but I’m sure we’ll sneak in a few more adventures tomorrow before we fly.

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