Paddling North: Heading fit the Camsell Bend

Today was a rest/relax/plan/prep/weather day for us in Fort Simpson. Here Cat Cat helped us review river charts for the Deh Cho. Its interesting, after spending a week on the big river, to see the charts that the big boats use. We use a combo of topo maps at the 1:50,000 and 1:250,000 scales.

We bought a few perishables from The Northern, mailed another parcel home (Maaike-it’s coming to you), and poked about town. We backed up photos and enjoyed our first barbecue of the season. It was good to rest my hand as I’m walking a fine line between tendinitis and not.

In a few days, the Big River will swing North at the Camsell Bend and we will indeed, at that point be paddling North for weeks. Back on the river tomorrow-catch you from there.

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