Paddling North: Odometer Moment 50 for 50

We paddled 50 kilometres today on Day 50 of our expedition, Paddling North. After several near misses, we finally got an odometer moment. Those who have been following me for awhile will know that I love odometer moments.

I also noticed 12:34 today. Another fine odometer moment. I always screenshot it when I do. This is from our expedition two summers ago to the Northern Labrador Coast south of Saglek.

We arrived in Fort Simpson today signalling the end of a Phase Eight.
We met a friend of a friend (Thanks Margaret for introducing us) and have enjoyed a shower, dinner with fresh vegetables, and lots of fine conversation. We sat out for about an hour on “Gros Cap”, the point of land between the Mackenzie and the Laird Rivers because of a thunderstorm. We quickly put up the tarp and prepared to wait it out but the big grey wall of cloud only rumbled and moved on. Don’t be fooled by the blue sky, the nasty looking sky was behind us.

We also thought we might get hammered by a storm last night but it moved off north of us. We’d packed up everything after dinner to make everything storm safe but we didn’t get anything then as well-just a few rumbles and dramatic skies.

We’ll set off tomorrow afternoon or the next morning depending on the forecast and our willingness to depart Fancy Camp II. It’s nice to enjoy the luxury of a hot shower and clean sheets now and then.

Catch ya tomorrow. Paddle North signing off from km 1605.

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