Paddling North: It Was A Porcupine Day 55

Sorry I couldn’t call in last night. It was the porcupine’s fault. The one that visited us the night before during my update call. I went to go and try to get a pic and likely didn’t shut off the phone. When I went to call last night, the phone was dead.

Just arriving in Wrigley and grabbing some cell data. It’s been a gorgeous week of still waters to paddle. Today we had to sit out until 3:30 pm and then the stillness cane. The sun has been so intense we are calling it the Death Star.

We’ve been putting in good days on the water and the current has been helping as well. We’ve another 250 km under our canoe seats and we’ve crossed 10 degrees of latitude since leaving Jasper 56 days ago.

Each morning we offer a blessing and gratitude to the river and it is such a wonderful practice. It focuses our minds and assists in staying positive and grateful for whatever the day brings.

The river changes so much from day to day and sometimes kilometre to kilometre. Like us, it has moods, emotions, and a variety of looks and feels. It can be wide, narrow, fast, slow…

More soon…

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