Paddling North: Odometer Moments Day 56

Hey, this is TA and Marion calling from our canoe.  Just headed out from Wrigley. We got there this afternoon.  we were on a wind delay today.  No call yesterday, it was the porcupine’s fault.  it was a porcupine the other night that interrupted my update.  Right now, the light is absolutely stupendous. Marion is sunlit and she’s taking a picture. We are looking back on the Franklin Mountains and the end of the Camsell range. The sky is blue and mottled grey. We are probably going to get some showers in a little bit.  We are headed for a little island to make camp. We had a great day marking maps. It takes quite a bit of time to market all those details.  I sewed my pants which had been meaning to for days.  At about 3 PM the wind died down and we could cover the 30 K down to Wrigley. We ended up talking to the brother-in-law of our house from Fort Simpson.  So that was fun.  So then we decided not to break our container too much so we decided to keep going.  So we are headed off to another 350 K to Norman Wells. It’s about 200 -250 K more to Tulita our next spot where we can share pictures.  We hope you enjoy the pictures we’ve sent off and the quick little word-based update. I just wish you could see what we are seeing. Beautiful riverbanks, sunlit in golden buttery light.

We are drifting along, and it just seems magic. This wonderful intersection of wild and remote and technology all tied up in this miracle package called an iPhone. I decided to make a quick cell-based phone update because the satellite phone had finished charging yet. Since the porcupine distracted me and I wanted to get a picture of the porcupine, I left the phone on and all of its charge got discharged which we discovered this morning.  The sat phone has been charging it all day on the solar charger and hopefully tomorrow it will be fully charged again- and then we’ll get back onto charging our usual batteries. We are healthy and getting stronger every day. Sending love to everyone out there.  Hope you had a great day. Happy Wednesday.   We are at kilometre 1854. We celebrated centuries three days in a row.  You can hear the gurgle of a coming in.   It’s day 56.  I didn’t get to say that yesterday was a palindrome day. It was day 55. In a wonderful odometer moment, we paddled 55 km on day 55.   Just like we did on day 50, we paddled 50 km.  Looking back, I realized we had a 32 km on day 32.

We are chugging along, at the moment, the Deh Cho (Mackenzie) is moving us along quite nicely.  And it is a charge of the fact that I am writing down a river in the Northwest Territories, calling in an update, and sending lots of love and happy thoughts from our little wild place to yours.  Take care.

Latitude: 63.24247
Longitude: -123.54485
GPS location Date/Time: 07/12/2018 02:47:53 NDT

Message: TA & Marian are paddling to the Arctic Ocean. Check the map to see where they are paddling & exploring today!

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