The River With Two Names

Our current expedition is called The River with Two Names and it begins/began on August 15 when we fly into Harp Lake. After a few days paddling along the lake we will exit via the Harp River onto the the Adlatok River…or is it the Ogjoktok River? It turns out that the river has two names. Depending on the map you look at (especially how old the map is), depending on which trip report you uncover, and depending on which website you look at, the river has and had two names. Currently on the provincial road map, the upper part of the river is called the Adlatok River and then the branch of the river that leads to Ogjoktok Bay is called the Ogjoktok River. On Canadian topographical maps, the the upper part of the river is called the Ogjoktok River and then the branch of the river that leads to Adlatok Bay is called the Adlatok River. It’s also called the Ugjoktok River at the hydrographic monitoring station where you can see the water levels we are paddling.

We plan to take the northern branch to Adlatok Bay and hope sea conditions will allow us to paddle out to Hopedale to catch the coastal boat. Some may remember that a few years back, we paddled the Kanairiktok River and had hoped to paddled to Hopedale then. Both the Adlatok and the Ugjoktok ultimately join Kanairiktok Bay. So our fingers are crossed that we get to complete both of this trips by paddling to Hopedale.

Follow along and send us good thoughts as we adventure amid the bugs, bears, and wonders of the River with Two Names. You can also keep an eye on us here or through Facebook, or on Twitter.  Please scroll down to see our latest posts from the expedition. They will appear below from most recent to earlier ones.

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    Safe journeys and adventures

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