River of Two Names: The Team is in Goose Bay

Meet the team. Mark, Darren, Marian, and me. Eating a cone at The A & W in Goose Bay. It’s a tradition.

Another tradition is visiting the old Hudson Bay Company Post Museum in NW River. They have great wooden models depicting traditional life in Labrador as well as an extensive collection related to the Hubbard’s.

Mina Hubbard’s book, A Woman’s Way through Unknown Labrador, first introduced me to Labrador. I’ve read about her extensively and even presented an academic paper about her once. She’s one of my many outdoor women heroes.

I won’t quite look like this tomorrow but perhaps in two weeks. If you haven’t read about her 1905 expedition, I highly recommend it. I saw evidence today at the museum of “fake news” about Mina. One newspaper article claimed she’d quite even though her expedition was very successful.

She did what she set out to do and so we hope to as well. We are reporting to the float plane base at 6:30 and hope to be flying by 7:30 am. Catch you tomorrow from Harp Lake. Now I have to finish packing and get some zzz’s.

PS. The red dot is Harp Lake.

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