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A Book Birth Announcement: The Get-Outside Guide to Winter Activities

It’s a book birth announcement. It weighs 14.7 ounces & after 2 years gestation, it is wonderful to finally hold it! It just arrived from the publisher and it’s beautiful. The book, a collaboration with Andrew Foran and Kevin Redmond, … Continue reading

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Which Book Would You Choose?

Let’s just say, hypothetically, that you were going a long, hard expedition in a remote place and you could take along just ONE book to read…it is your only entertainment, information, and inspiration for over 30 days…which book would it … Continue reading

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Ready for the Summit Push

After several acclimatization forays up and down the Khumbu icefall and Western Cwm, Everest climbers return to base camp to rest and fortify before their final push to the summit. The climbers are nervous, tense, and wondering if all the … Continue reading

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