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Team #Skiarail Goes Coast to Coast to Completion

My friend, Heather, wrote to say she likes to play, “Where in the world is TA?” She said, “I know you could be anywhere.” Well, Heather-you might be surprised that I am not that far from home but a world … Continue reading

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Lungta Livyers #18: Home and Away Again

Happy New Year, When we left in August, we had no idea where we would be for either Christmas or New Year’s. Turns out that we spent them in St. John’s but not at home. We rented out our house … Continue reading

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A Book Birth Announcement: The Get-Outside Guide to Winter Activities

It’s a book birth announcement. It weighs 14.7 ounces & after 2 years gestation, it is wonderful to finally hold it! It just arrived from the publisher and it’s beautiful. The book, a collaboration with Andrew Foran and Kevin Redmond, … Continue reading

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Winter Joys

Finally enough snow to get out and enjoy winter!

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Radio Noon Crosstalk …How do you stay active at this time of year?

“Towering snowbanks, slippery sidewalks…exercising outside isn’t much fun in February. And fighting through stormy weather to get to the gym can get pretty old. Antony Card is director of Memorial University’s department of Human Kinetics and Recreation. TA Loeffler Professor … Continue reading

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Over the Hill and Picking Up Speed

For the first time in my life, yesterday, I felt “middle-aged.” And I actually said it aloud. What prompted me to say that? Flying like a projectile down an icy slope on a slippery piece of plastic–that’s what did it. … Continue reading

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