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What Mountains Teach us About Citizenship: A Tedx Talk

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Merry Christmas

A Mountain of Merry Christmas Wishes to You and Yours.  Wishing you peace, love, and contentment in the 2012 (with a liberal sprinkling of challenge and adventure)

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A New Elevation

Good Morning,   When climbing a high altitude peak, we don’t just climb it once.  We climb it at least twice, perhaps three of four times.  In order to acclimatize properly, mountaineers use a strategy of “Climb High, Sleep Low.”  … Continue reading

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Momentum: Bodies in Motion

>Howdy, Sitting here typing with blue stained finger tips having picked and processed 15 litres of blueberries. Marian, Nolan, and I had a fine time wondering through the Tilton Barrens on a dual mission of checking out an orienteering map … Continue reading

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Flash Rust

Howdy, Catching a few minutes pause between coats of rust-inhibiting paint on our old claw foot tub. It got moved out on the deck on Friday and I’ve had intimate lessons in the concept of flash rust. Basically, one shouldn’t … Continue reading

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Wear Blue and Climb Birthday Bash on Signal Hill

Greetings from the Ides of June, OK…perhaps dancing on Saturday night wasn’t the smartest move given how sore my leg is today. But it is such a rare event that I feel comfortable enough in a setting to dance that … Continue reading

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The Big O Mountain

Happy Summer Olympics to All, I haven’t had a chance to watch much of the Olympics as I don’t have a TV capable or receiving a signal but I’ve been following them some on the Internet. It is an intense … Continue reading

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A Cup of Tea

Howdy, Thanks to all who replied with such enthusiasm and support for the Pumori climb. I was touched deeply when you shared stories of people you knew who have walked the breast cancer path. I kept their names close in … Continue reading

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Pumori: Climb for Awareness

Pumori: Climb For Awareness Every October since my mom, Denise, was diagnosed with breast cancer, I have run the Race for the Cure in her honour. I vividly remember the first time I wrote her name on my race bib. … Continue reading

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