Trails of Twillingate: Bashing About Back Harbour

After our fine morning, we walked directly out  from the Anchor Inn and Suites to try out finding the trail that leaves from behind the Twillingate Museum that heads to Back Harbour. All was well as we headed down the road to the cemetery but then we seemed to lose track of which way the track went.

No worries. We could easily travel over the open headland to Back Harbour and appreciated the new view on one of our favourite places on Twillingate North Island. We stopped in on the beach and then headed for Spencer’s Park.

The hills were alive with the vibrant reds of the blueberry bushes.

We walked along one of the ATV trails towards Crow Head but it ended on the top of a hill. We re-traced our steps a bit and then found another track that led us out to the main highway.

2013 Bashing Around Back Harbour Map




Back Harbour is a lovely spot to catch a sunset, walk in old pastures, pick blueberries in season and watch autumn set the hillsides on fire.

We hiked a circle of about 2.5 hours and covered over 8 kilometres before returning to our fine abode at the Anchor Inn. We called our hike a “bash about” because we were making many parts up as we went along and we have been inspired to come back to try a more epic version…we want to come and see if we can walk around the circumference of Twillingate North Island the next time we come. We’ve done enough scouting to think “it will go.” So stay tuned…

Now that we worked up a good appetite on both land and sea, it’s time to head to Georgie’s Restaurant for a delicious dinner to refuel for another fine day of adventure tomorrow.

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