A Prime Time at Prime Berth

Driving to and fro to Twillingate, you pass by Prime Berth Twillingate Fishery & Heritage Centre. They are hard to miss as there is a whale skeleton beside their fishing stage just as you cross the causeway onto Twillingate Island.

Captain Dave Boyd started the centre as a tribute to his fishing forefathers and interprets the culture and heritage of the area to all who visit. Today, I had a great adventure of going out on Dave’s boat.

Dave got us all kitted out for the boat in slickers. We started our morning watching mackerel nets being pulled in. Dave was catching mackerel for bait for next year’s crab traps as well as to put some in the freezer. The catch was almost all mackerel with one tom cod and a few herring being snagged as well.

We were joined on the boat by Lindsay Anderson and Dana VanVeller who are on an edible road trip called FEAST. They have been crossing Canada searching for the essence of Canadian food. It was fun to share in their delight of being out on the water on an another awesome autumn day. The sun worked hard to out-power the brisk wind blowing over the water.

As we headed out in the open ocean, the waves got bigger. We headed out to see the Natural Arch in Little Harbour from the sea side-what a treat that was! We’d hiked there a few years ago but today we saw a different side of it.

After a fine time on the water, we headed back to one of our favourite spots for lunch, the Crow’s Nest Cafe once again. The pea soup and chill were delicious (not to mention the peanut butter cheesecake). Sitting in the sun drenched cafe eating a delicious lunch warmed us up both inside and out and we were ready for another afternoon’s worth of adventure.

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2 Responses to A Prime Time at Prime Berth

  1. JennWicks says:

    Amazing photos, TA! …feeling homesick 🙂

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