Always Have the Support of a Joyful Mind (especially when it is raining buckets)

We are ready to head out for another wet day on the Kerry Way, here in Southern Ireland. We’re batting about 1/3 sunny and 2/3 rainy and windy. Not bad odds for one of the greenest places on earth.

Yesterday, we weren’t so psyched to go out in it but we went with another Buddhist teaching of “The wisdom of no escape” meaning just do it, just keep putting one foot in front of another, and keep making the decision over and over again to move forward. Not a teaching for all moments but for me yesterday had me out, climbing boggy hills in a near gale and almost loving it.

We were wet yesterday and will be wet today and that’s ok. We will likely be wet tomorrow. We make fun of it. We laugh. We dress in layers. We dry everything at the end of the day.

And then the sun comes out and we so appreciate it all the more for the rainy days. The views come into clarity, the grass is greener, and we are stepping a bit lighter. And our feet are still wet. Everyday. The price of admission to a striking places that is both near and far from our every day. We are both at home and visitors. Strangers and family. Home and away.

It’s both privilege and pilgrimage to walk. Each day my mind empties further and new and more creative ideas come to roost. I can see new patterns, knit new theories and ask new questions. All the while managing not to step in any big holes or cow patties or on any of this year’s freshly born lambs. Time in nature and especially, time moving through land and seascapes gives me pause, adventure, reflection, and movement. All riches to me and all gained through times of being wet, cold, hot, and sweaty…and supported by a joyful mind.

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