Walking My Way Back to Ewe Babe

Hello from County Kerry,

Marian and I are using foot power once again as we make our way around the Kerry Way. Some will remember that we were here almost 2 years with our friend, Andy, during our Five Peaks expedition to climb all of the highest peaks of the United Kingdom and Ireland.

Today we got another and different look at Carrauntoohil, Ireland’s highest point at 1038 metres as we passed from the Black Valley to the Bridia Valley. Both the climb and today, the weather turned fine and sunny after a streak of driving rain and wind. Summit picture is below.

Much to our delight, it is lambing season so there is much cuteness to be found in every pasture we walk through. The sheep here are marked by different combinations of colours to indicate ownership. At some point, Marian started to see flag colours in the markings-noticing the “Flag Sheep” of Ireland, The Netherlands, and Canada. We tried hard to get a good shot of the Pride Sheep but it was playing a bit hard to get.

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